Campus Outreach & Training

CPS counselors provide workshops, training and other outreach events on a variety of topics throughout the academic year.


Our educational mental health workshops are interactive and tailored to your needs. Students can request a workshop on behalf of their student group, residence hall, or eating club. Staff and faculty can also request workshops for their department or calls. We cover topics related to mental health and wellness, including:

  • Depression screenings
  • Eating disorders
  • Mindfulness meditation
  • Sleep issues
  • Sports psychology
  • Stress

Princeton Distress Awareness and Response Training

For students, faculty and staff, we offer Princeton Distress Awareness and Response (PDAR) trainings. PDAR is an interactive session that teaches you how to recognize signs of distress in students and gives you the tools to effectively respond in these situations.  Faculty and staff may request a workshop for their Department or their office to assist them in their work with students.  We also have a peer-to-peer version of PDAR for students who want to learn about how best to recognize signs of distress in their friends and effectively support them.

Outreach Events 

We offer additional outreach events, including mindfulness sessions, guest speakers and drop-in counseling hours. Most outreach events are open to students, faculty and staff; just check the events calendar for upcoming events and stop by. 

Request a Workshop or Training

To request a workshop or training, complete a request form.