Travel Planning

We provide services for pre- and post-international travel needs for students and employees (and their dependents, 16 and older). These services are available by appointment only.

Individual Travel Planning

We recommend that students and employees make an appointment four to six weeks prior to international travel. Travel planning appointments will teach you about country-specific risks and precautions and how to stay healthy while traveling. Our advice is based on CDC Guidelines.

If you have a chronic medical condition, are pregnant, or are traveling to Africa, Asia, Central and South America, Eastern Europe and the NIS of the former Soviet Union, and the South Pacific (except Australia and New Zealand), you require advanced travel planning. 

If you are an international student or immigrant returning home to visit friends and relatives (VFRs), you may be at higher risk for travel-related infectious diseases. We recommend you complete the Travel Planning questionnaire, review the Travel Health and Safety information prior to departure. Even if you are traveling last minute, you may benefit from travel planning (e.g., partial immunization protection).

Group Travel Planning

We recommend that students and employees make an appointment four to six weeks prior to international travel. 

Students: if your professor, administrator, or student group leader has arranged for group travel planning, you will be required to attend a group education session and will receive additional travel advice through email. You will not need to make an individual travel appointment. 

Travel Immunizations

If you are a student, traveling individually, and require immunizations for your trip, you must make a travel planning appointment before you can receive immunizations. We will administer immunizations at a subsequent appointment.

If you are an employee, most immunizations will be administered during the travel planning appointment. 

Travel-Related Prescriptions

If you or your destination require prescription medications, we will provide prescriptions and detailed instructions.

Medical Evaluations Upon Return (For students)

When you return, we recommend that you make a medical appointment for any illnesses that have occurred while traveling abroad.

Insurance while abroad

Students on the Student Health Plan (SHP) are covered worldwide. Review your plan document to understand the requirements before your departure. 

If you have private medical insurance, your plan may not provide coverage while you travel. Call your provider to check and consider purchasing travel insurance in case of illness or serious injury. If you are traveling on University business, some benefits are covered through the University Risk Management’s contract with International SOS. This will not cover you if you are traveling on non-University business.


Students: make an individual appointment online or call 609-258-3141. You must complete the Travel Immunizations form in MyUHS before your appointment. If you also need a physical examination prior to travel, make an appointment with Medical Services.

If you are a professor, administrator or student leader arranging group travel planning, complete a request form.

Employees: make a travel planning appointment through Employee Health by calling 609-258-5035. Before your appointment, complete the Travel Planning form. We charge a fee for these services.

Travel Planning - students
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Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Travel Planning - employees
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Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.