Location and Accessibility


Beginning June 1, during construction of McCosh Health Center, the majority of our services will be located at Caldwell Fieldhouse. See specific hours for:

Other services will be located in Green Hall. See specific hours and locations for:

For the Student Health Planemail or call 609-258-3138.

See Temporary Building Closures (PDF) with hours and locations for all services. 


The entrances to Caldwell Fieldhouse and training room are wheelchair accessible. 

The second floor and side entrance (off William Street) of Green Hall are wheelchair accessible. The ramp to the third floor (where Counseling & Psychological Services is located) is steep and less accessible. If you need an accessible meeting location, contact CPS and we will accommodate an alternate meeting space.


To find campus parking, view parking information and a map of campus parking lots.

Restroom Access

Restrooms for non-athletes accessing care in Caldwell Fieldhouse are available in Jadwin Gym.

Accessible restrooms are available on the second floor of Green Hall.

Transportation Support

Medical Transports

Alternate transportation for on-going temporary medical conditions includes using the University bus transportation system. Otherwise, you are responsible for arranging transportation to routine medical appointments. For assistance with these costs, contact Special Needs.

Scooter Rental Program

Students who have trouble walking due to an injury or another medical reason may rent a scooter from Monroe Medical Supplies, Inc. 

To rent a scooter, contact Monroe Medical Supplies online or by phone at 609-395-7500. Read more about the scooter rental program.

Types of scooters

A variety of scooters are available, including those with removable batteries or those that need to be charged at campus receptacles. Scooters can be outfitted with reflective tape, lights, an attachment for crutches, a basket for a backpack, and cover for protection from the elements as needed. Scooters may also be driven into a classroom, if it is accessible.

Rental Agreement

Princeton University is not party to this agreement. Your rental agreement is made directly with Monroe Medical. You are responsible for addressing any problems, issues or concerns regarding the rental agreement, including but not limited to theft, loss, damage, need for repair, or vandalism.

For information about rental fees, contact Monroe Medical.

Delivery & Storage

Monroe Medical will deliver your rented scooter to campus and pick it up when you no longer need it.

You can store your scooter in your room if you live on the first floor or if your dorm has access to an elevator to upper floors. You may not park your scooter in hallways or stairwells. You will need to park it outside the building not blocking doorways, remove the battery, and bring the battery and the ignition key with you to prohibit theft.  The scooters do not have a lock, but require a key to turn on. 

To determine whether appropriate storage space is available, you should reach out to:

  • your DSL, if you live in a residential college;
  • Bryant Blount, if you are an upperclass student not living in a residential college; 
  • Lily Secora, if you are a graduate student.
Thefts or Lost Scooters

Your scooter number is registered to you through Monroe Medical. Monroe Medical also provides your name and vehicle number to the Department of Risk Management on campus. Thefts or losses of scooters should be reported to Public Safety in the same manner as any other theft or loss of property on campus.

You will be responsible for the cost of replacing a lost or stolen scooter.  Monroe Medical does not offer insurance with your rental.  Consult your parent or guardian to determine if the scooter could be covered by their homeowner’s or renter’s insurance.  Alternatively, if scooter is lost or stolen, some credit card companies may reimburse you (if the loss meets certain criteria).  If you have to pay out of pocket to replace a lost or stolen scooter, Monroe Medical will offer you a 15% discount on the cost of replacement. 

Princeton is not a party to this agreement and will not be responsible for covering the cost of purchasing a replacement scooter if yours is lost or stolen or vandalized.