Mission & Values

Our approach flows from the University’s purpose and the mission of Campus Life.


To enhance learning and student success by advancing the health and well-being of our diverse University Community. We pursue our mission and support the University’s purpose by using current knowledge of health and human development to guide responsive, high quality clinical, prevention, and community-based solutions to health issues and advancing a healthy campus culture in which each person is prepared to thrive and participate fully in the University’s mission of teaching, research, and public service. 


Respect & Compassion

  • We listen closely to our clients, and respond to their holistic needs—to the ‘whole person’—with understanding, patience, and kindness.
  • We build on our staff’s diversity—recognizing, valuing, and appreciating the different perspectives, talents, and contributions of all. 

Service & Integrity

  • We commit ourselves to recognizing and understanding differences—addressing our community’s diverse needs in culturally informed ways. 
  • We provide exceptional services, and take pride in doing so fairly, consistently, courteously, discreetly—upholding the highest ethical and professional standards in all our actions.

Innovation & Creativity

  • We acquire, communicate, and apply new knowledge in ways that advance our practices-- leading to change and growth of individuals, groups, and systems.
  • We encourage initiative, seek collaborations, and come together to develop new ideas or effective solutions for our clients, staff, and campus partners. 

Learning & Development

  • We value continuous learning—using our experiences, evidence, and each other to develop our skills, capacities, and expertise.
  • We develop structures and systems that support meaningful opportunities for professional development, personal growth, and leadership.