Students come to CPS for a wide variety of concerns, from adjustment difficulty, gender identity and relationship problems to more serious mental health issues. 

We encourage you to use our services even if you think your problems are not “that serious.”  Because early intervention can lead to quicker recovery, it is better to use our services before a problem becomes severe.  We are equipped to help with difficult situations and short-term challenges you may experience, as well as with more serious and longstanding issues.

Our services include:

​You can also learn more about our counselors and make an appointment

Initial Consultations

Any student may come to CPS for a 20-minute Initial Consultation with one of our counselors. You can talk in confidence about a personal concern or problem and will be listened to without judgment. The counselor will try to assist you with developing a plan that will best address your concerns and connect you with resources. Follow these instructions on how to make an initial consultation appointment online. 

Individual Counseling

At the conclusion of the Initial Consultation, students who seem that they would benefit from individual psychotherapy may be scheduled for an Intake appointment with a counselor. Typically, students then meet every one or two weeks with the counselor to address their concerns.  Services at CPS are short-term, but there are no session limits.  Typically, students are seen for about a semester, but there is a great deal of variability in how long someone is seen at CPS.

Couples Counseling

Married or unmarried couples may enter counseling to improve their communication, learn effective conflict resolution skills, and work on building healthier relationships.

Mental Health and Well-being (Virtual and In-Person) Drop-In Hours

TigerWell Outreach counselors Mike Gross, Psy.D., Sue Kim, LCSW, Olivia McDonald-James, MSW, LSW, Kathryn Rowe, M.Ed., LPC, CMPC, and Steph Vituccio, MSS, LSW are CPS counselors who provide individual "drop-in" and scheduled counseling appointments, support groups, referrals, and skills-building workshops. The Outreach Counselors work closely with the residential colleges, and provide both in-person and telehealth appointments and drop-in availability.

  • Mike Gross, Psy.D. specializes in working with student-athletes. 
  • Sue Kim, LCSW specializes in supporting international and graduate students.
  • Olivia McDonald-James, MSW, LSW specializes in supporting students who hold marginalized identities.
  • Kathryn Rowe, M.Ed., LPC, CMPC specializes in working with student-athletes.
  • Steph Vituccio, MSS, LSW specializes in supporting students who hold marginalized identities.

For their up-to-date drop-in hours and contact information, see the UHS events calendar. 

During virtual drop in hours, students will be seen on a first-come first-serve basis using the virtual waiting room to maintain confidentiality.

Long-term Treatment 

There is no formal limit on the number of times students may meet with CPS counselors. In general, CPS offers short-term treatment. The frequency of counseling sessions is determined based on your needs as well as our availability. 

When a student wishes to see a mental health professional in the community or would like more consistent ongoing therapy or psychiatric treatment than CPS can provide, we can refer them to an appropriate outside therapist, psychiatric provider, or treatment program. You can find a searchable list of community providers through our Thriving Campus site.

Our Counselors 

Our counselors have a broad range of expertise. You will be randomly assigned to a counselor when you make an appointment, unless you make a specific request. Read about our counseling staff's backgrounds and areas of interest to learn more about them. 

At your initial consultation appointment, when you are referred for further individual counseling and there are specific issues you wish to address, such as eating concerns, substance abuse issues, or trauma; or, if you have preferences about the counselor you wish to meet with, such as their identified gender, you will be referred to a counselor who fits your needs. 

Requests to Switch Counselors

If after you have started counseling you have questions about whether your CPS counselor is a good “fit” for you, or you wish to switch counselors, we suggest that you first try to share your concerns with your counselor. They may be able to address your concerns in a way that lets the treatment relationship continue. Or if you do not feel comfortable discussing your wish to switch with your current provider, you may request to switch counselors by completing this request form.


Call 609-258-3141 or walk in to the McCosh Health Center during business hours to make an appointment for an initial 20-minute consultation. You can also schedule your initial consultation through your MyUHS online portal

Urgent Care

For urgent matters during business hours, come directly to the McCosh Health Center and request to be seen on urgent care.

You can also speak to a counselor by phone 24/7 by calling the CPS Cares Line at 609-258-3141 and pressing 2.

If safety is of immediate concern, call the Department of Public Safety at 911.