Confidentiality at CPS

We do not release information to anyone outside of CPS (including parents, administrators, faculty, or potential employers), or disclose that you have received care, without your written permission

Exceptions to this rule are rare and include the following circumstances: 

  • when required by law (for instance, in the case of reports of child abuse);
  • in life-threatening situations;
  • in the case of emergency hospitalization; or
  • when consultation with non-CPS treatment providers within University Health Services is warranted to provide continuity of care for students who may have both physical and psychological concerns.

Communication with deans

When a Dean or Associate Dean of Student Life requests an administrative evaluation, we will obtain your written consent and cooperation before proceeding.

An administrative evaluation is a psychological and/or psychiatric evaluation of a student that provides the dean requesting it with a risk assessment of the following three areas: 

  • any current and acute psychological concerns;
  • any concerns about the student’s safety or the safety of others; and
  • treatment recommendations to address the student’s psychological, psychiatric, or behavioral concerns.

We will provide evaluations only when there are both an immediate, high level of concern and a clear need for treatment recommendations to be communicated to the member of the decanal staff. Administrative evaluation reports are limited to the minimum information necessary to address these areas of concern.

In cases where your safety or the safety of others is at risk, the deans may strongly recommend (or, in very rare cases, require) a temporary leave of absence. We consult in such cases, and the decanal staff makes those decisions. Learn more about health-related withdrawals and readmissions.

Information sharing with other UHS providers

We will share information with other UHS providers only as relevant and needed to ensure coordinated care.  In most cases, medical providers only seek confirmation of whether a student has followed through with a referral to CPS.

In cases when students are being treated by specialized treatment teams (e.g., Eating Concerns Team), information exchanged will include clinical recommendations and results of medical evaluations. This exchange of information is needed to ensure optimal care, and all information shared is treated in a confidential manner.

If you have any questions about information shared within UHS, we encourage you to discuss them with your clinician.