Urgent Mental Health Concerns

We offer urgent care services for students experiencing distress or psychological difficulties, and also for others in the community who may have concerns about a student, including a roommate, family member, Dean, faculty member or coach.

CPS clinicians are also available to respond to disasters or traumatic events that may affect an individual or the community.

Urgent Consultations

During an urgent consultation, a CPS counselor will talk with you to assess the situation and provide immediate support. Sometimes talking through a crisis situation with a counselor is all that is needed. A counselor can also help to establish a plan for further appropriate care for you or the person you are concerned about.

CPS does not offer urgent psychiatric services (i.e., regarding medications) after hours, but when appropriate the on-call counselor can facilitate a referral for an urgent psychiatric consultation at CPS on the next available business day.

Getting Help

Call 609-258-3141 during business hours to speak with us.

After hours, you can contact the counselor on call by calling our main number 609-258-3141 and pressing 2 to speak with the counselor on call.

If safety is of immediate concern either during or after business hours, call the Department of Public Safety at 911.