Knowing University Policy

Consistent with the drinking laws in New Jersey, University policy prohibits the consumption and serving of alcoholic beverages by and to persons under 21. Intoxication is not a valid excuse for violating University regulations. Read Princeton’s alcohol policy in Rights, Rules, Responsibilities. For more information about Princeton University's alcohol policies, see: Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students' website.

UMatter - Limits Matter 

Limits Matter provides resources to help you make decisions about alcohol and understand the importance of bystander intervention. If you choose not to drink, Limits Matter has tips on how to politely turn down a drink and ways to respond if someone asks you why you’re not drinking. If you do choose to drink, learn how to drink smart and avoid the negative effects of drinking too much.

Limits Matter also provides information on how to recognize when someone who has had too much to drink needs help, as well as recognize someone’s risky drinking and talk with them about it.


Students wondering how risky their current alcohol use is can take this ten-question, anonymous online screening. Based on responses, students are asked a series of open-ended questions to help them think about how they might lower their risk when it comes to alcohol. 

On- and Off-Campus Resources



CPS' AOD Treatment Team 

Limits Matter Booklet (PDF): Answers to Your Questions About Alcohol Use, Policies and Resources at Princeton University