Sports and Performance Nutrition

Sports nutrition provides you the tools needed through guidance, support and education to make the most informed choices regarding your nutrition so that you may optimally fuel yourself, maximize training and conditioning adaptations, and enhance performance and recovery.  

Our Sports Dietitian (Sports RD) provides these services for student-athletes: 

Individual Appointments, Counseling, Coaching 

For concerns such as fatigue, menstrual dysfunction, involuntary weight loss or weight gain, eating concerns, and/or weight management as a weight class athlete, or simply looking to improve performance, body composition and enhance overall nutrition, our Sports Dietitian can assist you in navigating the best and most appropriate approach based on your individual needs. 

Supplement Evaluations and Banned Substance Avoidance 

Athletic Medicine and the Athletics Department require student-athletes who are considering taking a supplement to meet with the Sports RD first. Athletes will be informed and educated on dietary supplement efficacy, legality and safety.    

Outreach Team Talks, Education, Presentations 

The Sports RD provides presentations on: 

  • Meeting your energy needs as a collegiate athlete 
  • Sport specific performance nutrition and competition fueling strategies 
  • Hydration 
  • Eating on the road 
  • Nutrition for immune system support 
  • Transitioning out of competitive athletics or into the next level of competition 
  • Return to play and recovering from injury. 

Other topics are available by request. If your team is interested in a specific topic, make a request through your coaching staff, athletic medicine or performance staff. 

Dining Hall Tours 

Meet with the Sports RD and Campus Wellness Dietitian as a group for performance plate presentations, questions about navigating the dining halls, dietary restrictions, and special accommodations. 


Make an appointment through the MyUHS online portal, select Nutrition and indicated "Initial Sports Nutrition Counseling at Caldwell" or "Followup Nutrition Counseling at Caldwell" as the reason.