Varsity Student-Athlete Wellness Resources

As a student-athlete, you may face unique challenges and stressors that impact your academic and athletic success, as well as your overall well-being. We provide resources to help you manage your stress and maintain your health and wellness.

NCAA Handbooks and Sports Science Institute Websites

The NCAA provides resources to address some of the common issues among student-athletes:

Specialized Treatment 

For concerns that are impacting your mental and physical health, and performance, make an appointment with one of our specialized treatment teams. Made up of athletic trainers, health care providers and Counseling and Psychological Services' counselors, these professionals can help manage your unique needs.

Student-Athlete Wellness Leaders (SAWLs)

The Student-Athlete Wellness Leaders (SAWLs) program supports healthy lifestyles among student-athletes using a peer helper model. Trained varsity student-athletes serve as role models in noticing and responding to peers in need of support, and referring them to appropriate resources. This program is sponsored by Princeton University’s Athletics Department and University Health Services. Contact Jason Gaulluci for more information.

Concussion Resources