Required and Recommended Immunizations

Required Immunizations

Several immunizations are required by the state of New Jersey and the University for all enrolled students. If you have not received the required vaccines, you can obtain them at UHS once you are eligible for services. You will be charged a fee for these immunizations.

Undergraduates, who do not receive the required vaccines prior to matriculation, will be charged a late fee and may have a hold put on their second-semester registration. Graduate students will have a hold put on their registration until the immunizations are administered.

Print a handout of this information to give to your primary care provider. 

The Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination series is available at Sexual Health and Wellness

Recommended Immunization

These vaccines are not required for enrollment. However, they are recommended for certain people and are all available at UHS.

    Exemptions from requirements

    If certain immunizations are contraindicated due to a medical condition, you may be exempt from immunization requirements. You will need to submit a signed statement of medical exemption from your primary care provider to  

    You may also be exempt from immunizations due to your religious beliefs. In this case, you should submit an Application for Exemption from Immunization, explaining how immunizations conflict with your religious beliefs. You can request this application by calling 609-258-3141.

    UHS highly recommends that students with immunization exemptions submit results of titers (blood tests to determine immunity) for measles, mumps, rubella, and varicella. Students who do not do so, or whose results do not show that they have immunity, may be temporarily excluded from classes, residence halls, and any sponsored activities on campus in the event of a vaccine-preventable disease outbreak or threatened outbreak.

    Uploading documentation

    For commonly asked questions on completing your immunization requirements and providing documentation, see our FAQ on Completing Immunization and Health History for Incoming Students.