Mind-Body Programs

Activities emphasizing the connection between the mind and body—such as yoga, tai chi, Pilates, meditation and mindfulness training—may prevent the negative effects of stress, including insomnia and headaches, and may improve certain health conditions such as high blood pressure, anxiety and chronic pain.

Members of our Mind-Body Team offer programs and resources to help you manage your stress and improve your overall health. View our events calendar for upcoming mindfulness training events.

If you want to talk to someone about your stress, make an appointment with a CPS counselor. 

UHS Mind-Body Programs

Mind-Body Programs Across Campus

Numerous mind-body programs are offered on campus through Campus Recreation, the Office of Religious Life and student groups.

Campus Recreation Group Fitness & Instructional Programs (Yoga, Tai Chi, etc.) 

Additional Mindfulness Resources

Self-Compassion Resources

Self-compassion involves realizing and accepting our failings and our humanness through mindfulness. Review videos and exercises to develop self-compassion. 

Positive Psychology Course

Take the Science of Happiness: a free online course designed to teach science-based principles and practices for a happy, meaningful life. 

Self-Care Phone Apps

  • Calm - mindfulness meditation and sleep stories (free, iOS and Android compatible)
  • Calm Harm - activities to manage or resist urge to self-harm (free, iOS and Android compatible)
  • Daily Yoga - guided yoga sequences with video (free, iOS and Android compatible)
  • Gratitude Journal - journaling activities (free, iOS compatible)
  • Headspace - mindfulness meditation tool (iOS and Android compatible)
  • Insight Timer - time tracker for meditation (free, iOS and Android compatible)
  • Lotus Bud - for reminders in the form of mindfulness bells and timers to practice mindfulness (iOS compatible)
  • Sleep Cycle - tracks sleep and sets alarm ($0.99 for iOS, Android compatible)