Launch of Online STI Testing Program

March 20, 2024

UHS has launched a new online sexually transmitted infection (STI) testing program to make this testing more convenient and accessible to students.  The program was designed to include evidence-based educational components that enable students to make informed decisions about the type of testing they wish to choose.

This program should only be used if you are not currently experiencing symptoms and have not had a known exposure to someone with an STI. Otherwise, please make a Sexual and Reproductive Health Appointment to meet with a clinician.


To begin this process, students should:

  1. Log into their secure MyUHS online portal.
  2. Navigate to the Forms page.
  3. Scroll down to the Sexual Health and Wellness section and click on “Self-directed STI Testing”.
  4. Use the educational materials provided and/or access the application: STD Wizard, to decide what they want to be tested for and which body parts should be tested.
  5. Order their desired labs.

Nurses receive the orders and prepare the specimen collection bags. Students are then notified, also via the secure MyUHS portal, that they can come to the UHS reception desk at a time that is convenient to them, to obtain their specimen bag from a UHS client service representative. Once they have picked up the bag, students are directed to the Quest Lab one floor below. 

Receiving Results

Lab test results are typically available within 24-48 hours. The UHS electronic health record automatically releases normal lab results to students via the patient portal.  Positive lab results are reported to students by a nurse, enabling a discussion of any needed treatment.

Student feedback to date suggests that students appreciate the ease of navigating their MyUHS portal and the freedom it allows them to test at their convenience without having the time constraint of an in-person appointment. 

UHS is currently processing approximately 3 to 10 online STI tests requests daily; we hope to see a growing number of students take advantage of this convenient offering.

We are grateful to Amanda Borgstrom, DNP, and provider of SHAW services, for the design of this testing program.