New! Normal lab results will be automatically published in the MyUHS portal

Feb. 13, 2024

University Health Services went live with automated lab results on February 6, 2024. Princeton students are now able to access their lab results on UHS’ secure MyUHS online portal, where they are located under a separate "Lab Result" tab. In addition, students will be notified via email when their results are published.   

University Health Services’ goal in launching automated lab results is to make results easily accessible for students in a timely manner, while also ensuring their security. The customized delivery system also reduces the administrative burden on providers by releasing results to the portal without provider intervention in most cases. This technologic enhancement frees up providers to spend more time with patients. 

As part of this project, attention was paid to:

  1. reducing the number of notifications a student gets in the case of simultaneous release of multiple tests, 
  2. ensuring accuracy of results pushed to the portal, and 
  3. withholding partial results till they are finalized. 

Release of results

Students should be aware that only normal results will be automatically released through the portal at this time, and students will only receive a secure message notice if a normal result has been delivered via the portal.   


Results will be released once a day, every weekday (Monday-Friday) morning. 

Regarding abnormal results

By mid-April, UHS will have developed a process for auto-releasing labs results that have abnormalities. UHS is being thoughtful and cautious in its approach to this aspect of automated lab release to ensure that explanations for abnormalities are quick to follow the initial message, especially in cases where an action needs to be taken. Often small abnormalities in labs are no cause for worry and do not require action.