CPS launches Kognito At-Risk for Students

Aug. 6, 2018

CPS is excited to launch Kognito’s At-Risk for College Students.  This 30-minute simulation trains students how to recognize warning signs of another student’s psychological distress, and how to use motivational interviewing to build trust and motivate the student to seek help. The training is free. 

The account creation and login process for the At-Risk for Students simulation can be completed with the following steps:

1) Access www.kognitocampus.com with one of the compatible web browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge)

2) To begin the account creation process, click on "Click here" in the orange text above the login field and enter the required information. The enrollment key is, puarus18 (case sensitive). Select most appropriate demographic information from the drop-down.

3) You will be automatically logged in and brought to the simulation access portal and will have access to the appropriate simulations.