Message from UHS' Medical Director, Melissa Marks

Our commitment to health equity
Wednesday, June 29, 2022

From Dr. Melissa Marks, Director of Medical Services:

As you all know, last Friday the U.S. Supreme Court issued a ruling that has already drastically reduced access to safe abortions in many parts of the country. Lack of access to a full range of care can jeopardize the lives of people who are pregnant and compromise future education and employment opportunities. Research shows that making abortion illegal significantly increases maternal mortality caused by unsafe abortions and risky pregnancies. This burden will be disproportionately borne by people of color and those with fewer resources – exacerbating already existing health inequities.

We are extraordinarily fortunate that New Jersey is a state committed to reproductive rights. In January of 2022, New Jersey’s Governor Murphy signed historic legislation to expand and protect reproductive freedom in our state. Students who are enrolled at Princeton University and living in the state of New Jersey will have the right to access all the healthcare options available in the state. When students leave the state of New Jersey—for the summer for example—their reproductive healthcare choices will be governed by state law or international law.

As a Medical Service dedicated to health equity and to evidence-based medicine, we offer a full range of reproductive care options, including emergency contraception. Should a student become pregnant, SHAW offers counseling regarding pregnancy options and referral to local resources. University Health Services continues to stand for health equity, evidence-based medicine including the full range of reproductive care options, and the right to choose. We welcome any members of our community who have concerns about what the future holds, are wondering how this profound shift will affect them, their families, the future of our country, to contact us at 609-258-3141. You can ask for a CPS appointment to discuss emotional concerns, and/or a SHAW appointment to discuss sexual health and wellness.