New! Electronic Claim Submission to Aetna for SHP

Wednesday, October 03, 2018

Students on the Student Health Plan (SHP) are now able to submit medical claims to Aetna electronically, rather than by mail. 


  1. Locate the claims form on the SHP webpage or by searching the Forms page for Aetna Student Health Claim (PDF)
  2. Complete the claim form online and save to your computer. Alternatively, you may download the form to your computer, fill it out and save prior to uploading to the Aetna member website.
  3. To upload the form and supporting documentation, go to and follow these instructions.

Please allow 4 – 6 weeks for the claim to be processed. Should you have any questions, contact Aetna Student Health at 1-877-437-6511.

If you do not wish to file your claim electronically, you can still fill out the claim form, print and mail it directly to the address in the right hand corner on the claim form or fax it to Aetna Student Health at the number on the claim form.