UHS reaffirms its support for Transgender and Gender Diverse individuals

Tuesday, December 07, 2021

Princeton University Health Services (UHS) is dedicated to respecting the rights and welfare of the Transgender and Gender Diverse community by acknowledging that gender does not exist on a binary. UHS strives to validate, and normalizes gender diversity and opposes all public and private discrimination on the basis of actual or perceived gender identity and expression.  Further, UHS calls upon healthcare professionals to take a leadership role in working against discrimination towards Transgender and Gender Diverse individuals.

In line with the best practices developed by the world’s leading medical and psychological associations, UHS supports transgender and gender nonbinary students’ access to gender affirming care, including but not limited to the initiation and continuation of gender affirming hormones and insurance coverage of surgeries and procedures for gender affirmation.

  • Medical appointments can be scheduled with Valerie Lewis, M.D., MPH, or Maureen McSorley, APN, by calling the McCosh Health Center front desk at 609-258-3141 during normal business hours.
  • Call 609-258-3141 to make an appointment for an initial 20-minute consultation with Counseling and Psychological Services to access gender-affirming mental health support. You can also schedule your initial consultation appointment online through the MyUHS web portal.
  • Contact Jim Scholl or Gavin Jones to learn more about the work of the Princeton UHS Trans* Health Team. Gavin Jones, UHS Trans Health Team member, has IC appointments available as soon as early next week.

Join us in solidarity with students of the Pride Alliance, Queer Grad Caucus, and the Gender + Sexuality Resource Center at a teach-in tonight, December 8th, 2021 from 5PM – 7:30PM in the Carl A. Fields Center MPR. Please contact Eric Anglero for additional information on the teach-in.