UHS supports transgender and gender nonbinary students’ access to gender affirming care; no changes will be made to students’ benefits and services as a result of finalized changes to federal regulation

Friday, June 26, 2020

On June 12th, 2020, the Department of Health & Human Services finalized regulatory changes that would no longer recognize gender identity as a form of sex discrimination among healthcare services and activities and health insurance.  

Despite this, there is not change to health care services offered at UHS. UHS is dedicated to providing high quality inclusive health care for all students and dependents and will continue to provide gender affirming hormones.

In addition, Princeton University’s Student Health Plan (SHP) is a self-insured plan, allowing the University flexibility in determining coverage and plan design. The University contracts with Aetna Student Health for the processing of healthcare claims and with OptumRx for prescription drug claims processing.1 Because the Plan is self-insured, Aetna does not determine what is and is not covered under the SHP. Princeton University makes those determinations, based on a number of factors. There are no plans to change coverage  for surgeries and medically-necessary procedures for gender affirmation under the Student Health Plan in response to regulatory changes at the federal level. 

Please visit Gender-Affirming Care at UHS for more details on inclusive and comprehensive medical services specific to trans and gender nonbinary communities.  

If you have additional questions, call the Student Health Plan office at 609-258-3138 or email shpo@princeton.edu.

1 Both vendors provide access to their firms’ negotiated pricing with health care providers and drug companies, in addition to supporting the management of the Plan through the processing of claims.