Absences and Disability

We provide assistance for employees who have been or will be away from their jobs for extended periods of time due to illness, or who need accommodations for short- or long-term disabilities.

Returning to Work Evaluations

When you are absent from work for eight or more calendar days because of a non-work-related injury, illness or disability, make an appointment with Occupational Health Services before returning to work. Our providers will assist you in determining reasonable restrictions and accommodations, based on your needs.

Short-Term Disability

You may be qualified for Temporary Disability Benefits if your illness, injury or disability prevents you from performing your work. To determine your eligibility, submit an Application for Temporary Disability Benefits and Medical Certificate to us via fax to 609-258-0976 or by mail to University Health Services, Occupational Health Services, 0 Washington Road, Princeton, NJ 08544.

For COVID-related absences, complete this form.

Call HR Benefits at 609-258-3302 for additional details about short-term disability benefits.

Working with Temporary Restrictions

Your healthcare provider may recommend temporary restrictions or “light duty” because of a medical condition. Bring us a note, by fax or mail, from your provider that explains:

  • what specific restrictions you will need while you are at work; and
  • for how long these restrictions should be in place.

Our staff will work with you and your department to determine if your restrictions can be approved. If your restrictions can be accommodated, you will be able to return to work. If not, you will be required to stay home on short-term disability until you are able to return to work.

Requesting Permanent Accommodations

The University provides reasonable accommodations if you have a disability and require permanent adjustments to do your job. Contact your client services representative in Human Resources to request accommodations. Submit your request and medical documentation from your healthcare provider to Occupational Health Services. In collaboration with your department, a decision will be made.  

Family Medical Leave (FMLA) Requests

FMLA can be used by all benefits eligible employees if you need to request leave because of:

Submit your FMLA application to us by fax or mail and we will make a determination regarding your request.

Questions regarding FMLA should be directed to the Human Resources' Benefits Team.