Work-Related Injury and Illness

We evaluate, treat and refer, if necessary, faculty and staff who become injured or ill while working at Princeton University. We also authorize medical care and time out of the workplace. This is in conjunction with Princeton University's workers' compensation policy.

Care During Business Hours

If you experience a work-related injury or illness during business hours, make an appointment at Occupational Health Services. You are required to report the incident to a supervisor and Occupational Health Services before the end of the workday.

Care After Hours

If your injury or illness occurs after hours or on weekends and immediate treatment is necessary, seek care at an Urgent Care Center or Emergency Room. Call 609-258-5035 the next business day to report your injury to a healthcare provider at Occupational Health Services. 

Time Out of the Workplace

If an Occupational Health Services provider determines that your work-related injury or illness requires time away from work, they will notify Human Resources and your department manager. Find out more about this process