Renting Scooters from Monroe Medical for use on Princeton's Campus

You may rent a scooter from any vendor. However, Monroe Medical Supplies has agreed to work with Princeton University students to facilitate the rental process. If you choose to rent from Monroe Medical, use the following contact information: 

Monroe Medical Supplies, Inc.
2715 Route 130 South 
Cranbury, NJ 08512 


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Types of Scooters Available

There are a variety of scooters available. Monroe Medical can discuss options with you. Some models of scooters run on batteries that can be removed from the scooter and charged in a dorm room. You are strongly encouraged to rent this type of scooter. If you do have to rent a scooter that does not have a removable battery, the scooter will need to be charged outside at receptacles located around campus. 

Monroe is able to supply scooters with reflective tape, lights, an attachment for crutches, a basket for a backpack, and a cover for protection from the elements as needed. Please check your scooter to make sure these items are provided with your rental. 

Scooters are not motor vehicles. They are akin to pedestrians or motorized wheelchairs. Scooters may be driven into classrooms if the classroom is accessible. 

Rental Agreements

Your rental arrangement is made directly with Monroe Medical. Princeton University is not a party to your rental agreement. It is your responsibility to address any problems, issues or concerns regarding this rental arrangement, including, but not limited to, theft, loss, damage, need for repair, or vandalism, directly with Monroe Medical. Monroe Medical can provide you with information about rental fees. It is your responsibility to understand your financial obligations when renting a scooter. Direct any questions you have about rental fees to Monroe Medical. 

Students on the Student Health Plan can ask their provider to get an estimate for service costs by completing an Aetna Student Health Member Request for Estimate Form (.pdf).

Delivery and Storage

Monroe Medical will deliver your rented scooter to campus and pick it up once you no longer need it. You may store your scooter in your room if you live on the first floor of a dorm or in a dorm with elevator access to upper floors. If you do not live on the first floor or in an elevator building, be aware that you may NOT park the scooter in hallways or stairwells. 

Undergraduate students: If you live in a residential college, speak with your DSL about options for scooter storage. If you do not live in a residential college, contact Dean Mell Thompson ​​​​for assistance in determining whether alternative appropriate storage space is available. 
If no space is available, you will need to park it outside the building not blocking ingress or egress, remove the battery, and bring the battery and the ignition key with you to prohibit theft. The scooters do not have a lock, but require a key to turn on. 

Graduate students: You may contact Dean Lily Secora to discuss any concerns regarding scooter storage. Scooters are not to be stored in areas of ingress or egress. 

Dealing with Lost or Stolen Scooters

Your scooter will be registered to assist you and Monroe Medical in locating a scooter if misplaced. Each scooter will have a number on it. Monroe will send an email with your name and the vehicle number to the Department of Risk Management (DRM) who maintains an ongoing list of students currently renting scooters. Monroe Medical will also let Princeton's DRM know when the rented scooter is returned. Thefts or losses of scooters should be reported to Public Safety at 609-258-1000 in the same manner as any other theft or loss of property on campus. You should also notify Monroe Medical at (800} 750-6699 immediately. 

You will be responsible for the cost of replacing a lost or stolen scooter. Monroe Medical does not offer insurance with your rental. You may wish to consult your parent or guardian to determine if the scooter could be covered by their homeowner's or renter's insurance in the event of loss or theft. Alternatively, if scooter is lost or stolen, some credit card companies may reimburse you (if the loss meets certain criteria). 

If none of these safeguards apply, and you have to pay out of pocket to replace a lost or stolen scooter, Monroe Medical will offer you a 15% discount on the cost of replacement. As noted above, your scooter rental agreement is between you and Monroe Medical. Princeton is not a party to this agreement and will not be responsible for covering the cost of purchasing a replacement scooter if yours is lost or stolen or vandalized.