Student Health Plan

Princeton University provides health insurance coverage through the Student Health Plan (SHP) for enrolled undergraduate students, graduate students, and their eligible dependents.

Benefits, fees, and enrollment periods for individuals and dependents are outlined in the SHP Summary Guide (2021-22).

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Undergraduate Student Enrollment

You are required to either:

  • enroll in the Princeton University Student Health Plan (SHP), or
  • opt-out of SHP by providing your private insurance information.

You must enroll in or opt-out of the SHP via MyUHS by June 30.

Graduate Student Enrollment

You are automatically enrolled in the Princeton University Student Health Plan (SHP) when you pay your tuition.

You can use an additional private insurance policy as long as you maintain it as the primary plan and SHP as the secondary plan. You must notify both insurance plans so that claims can be processed correctly. To notify Aetna Student Health, call 1-877-437-6511. Failure to make notification to each insurance plan may result in denial of coverage or significant loss of benefits and you will be responsible for payment to the provider(s). 

Visiting Student Research Collaborators (VSRCs) are automatically enrolled in the SHP in accordance with the terms of their contract with Princeton University.

Graduate Exchange Scholars receive their degrees from their home institutions and are ineligible for enrollment in the SHP, with some exceptions. You may use UHS services by filling out the Exchange Scholar UHS Enrollment form (PDF).

Graduate students from other institutions participating in the Inter-University Doctoral Consortium (GIUDs) are not eligible for the SHP or for UHS services.

Family Member/Dependent Enrollment

If you have dependents1 (spouse, children <26 years old), you can enroll them in the SHP (as well as the optional dental and vision plans) through MyUHS. You will have to prove their status by uploading supporting documents:

  • Marriage certificate and most recently filed tax return with Social Security numbers and all financial information redacted, i.e., blacked out by student (for a spouse)
  • Birth certificate (for children up to age 26)

A separate fee is charged to enroll dependents in the SHP. Dependents aged 16 and over who are enrolled in the SHP have access to UHS services without additional charges.

SHP Enrollment After Open Enrollment Ends

After the open enrollment period has ended, you can only enroll in the SHP if the following occurs:

  • Your alternate insurance plan has been involuntarily terminated. Proof of termination must be presented to the SHP office within 30 days. Costs are prorated.
  • You have a change in your marital status. The marriage certificate must be presented to the SHP office within 30 days. Costs are prorated.
  • You have a baby. The baby is automatically covered for 31 days from the date of birth. You must enroll the child within the first 31 days for coverage to continue. Costs are prorated.
  • You are an undergraduate student who was not enrolled at Princeton University during the fall semester. You qualify for the spring enrollment period.

If you qualify for one of the above events, contact the SHP office at 609-258-3138 or by email at

Aetna Navigator

The SHP is administered by Aetna Student Health. If you’re enrolled in the SHP, you can use Aetna Navigator for personalized benefits, health information, discounts, and other tools. For more information, call Aetna Student Health Member Services at 1-877-437-6511.

Filing Claims

If you wish to electronically file a claim with Aetna, please fill out the Aetna Student Health Claim form, save and download to your computer and follow these instructions for electronic submission. Alternately, you can download the form to your computer, fill it out and save prior to uploading to the Aetna member website.

If you do not wish to file your claim electronically, you can still fill out the claim form and mail it directly to the address in the right hand corner on your claim form or fax it to Aetna Student Health at the number on the claim form. Retain an electronic or physical copy of your completed claim form for your personal records.

1You are not eligible to enroll another active Princeton University student as a dependent in any of the University-offered plans.