Student Health Plan

Princeton University provides health insurance coverage through the Student Health Plan (SHP) for enrolled undergraduate students, graduate students, and their eligible dependents.

Benefits, fees, and enrollment periods for individuals and dependents are outlined in the SHP Summary Guide (2023-24) (.docx).

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Student and Dependent Election Period and Enrollment

There is an annual election period from mid-May through June 30 for Student Health Plan enrollment or opt-out for undergraduate students, and optional plan enrollment (dental, vision, dependent Student Health Plan) for all students (undergraduate and graduate) and their eligible dependents.

For undergraduate students, graduate students, and their enrolled dependents, who will be retaining both the SHP and a private plan, refer to enrolling in the SHP while maintaining a private/family plan.


From mid-May through June 30 every year, degree-enrolled Undergraduate students are required to: 

  • Elect to enroll in Student Health Plan through MyUHS, or
  • Elect to opt-out of the Student Health Plan with a private insurance plan through MyUHS

All elections must be completed in MyUHS during the annual election period in May-June. 

The 2024-25 annual fee is $3,510, billed half in Fall and half in Spring.


  • Degree-enrolled Graduate students are automatically enrolled in the Princeton University Student Health Plan (SHP) when they pay their tuition.
  • Visiting Student Research Collaborators (VSRCs) are automatically enrolled in the SHP in accordance with the terms of their contract with Princeton University.
  • Graduate Exchange Scholars are not eligible for the SHP but may access services at UHS by paying a fee and completing the Exchange Scholar UHS Enrollment form (.pdf).


Students may enroll their dependents in the Student Health Plan during the May-June annual election period. Proof of dependency is required at the time of enrollment. After the enrollment period closes on June 30, enrollment will no longer be accepted without an eligible Qualifying Life Event. These include:

  • Eligible dependents are defined as a legally married spouse and/or child under the age of 26
  • Marriage certificate is required for a spouse
  • Birth certificate is required for a child

For HIPAA privacy rights for enrolled dependents, review this notice.

The 2024-25 annual fee is $2,430 for spouse, and $1,215 per child, billed half in Fall and half in Spring.

Enrollment Due to Eligible Qualifying Life Event

After the open enrollment period has ended, you may enroll in the plan only if you have an eligible Qualifying Life Event.  The Life Event must have occurred within the past 31 days, or the past 90 days for the birth or adoption of a child.  If there is no Event, you must wait until the next annual open enrollment period.

Eligible Qualifying Life Events include:

  • Marriage or divorce
  • Birth or adoption of a child
  • Involuntary loss of coverage for a student, spouse, or child
  • New Undergraduate or Graduate student status (you were not enrolled in the University for the Fall but will be an enrolled student for the Spring)

If you have an eligible Qualifying Life Event:

  • Contact the Student Health Plan Office within 31 days of the Life Event (or within 90 days for the birth or adoption of a child) at [email protected]
  • Provide supporting documentation within 31 days (or 90 days for birth or adoption) to substantiate the Life Event 

Changes to coverage must be consistent with the Life Event. For example, recent marriage is a change in which you may add your spouse as a dependent onto your existing plan(s). Costs for the Student Health Plan would be prorated. Costs for the dental and vision plans would not be prorated.

Aetna Provider Directory, Claims Filing, and Cost Estimator

In-Network Provider Directory

  • Visit the Aetna Providers Directory, register or login using your MemberID, or continue as guest, and use "Open Choice PPO" plan for your search.
  • You may also use Aetna Navigator for personalized benefits, health information, discounts, and other tools or call Aetna Member Services at 1-877-437-6511

Filing Claims

  • To electronically file a claim, follow these instructions (.docx) for electronic submission. 
  • To mail or fax a claim, use the Aetna Student Health Claim form (.pdf) and send it directly to Aetna.

Cost Estimate for Services

Complete an Aetna Student Health Member Request for Estimate form (.pdf).

1You are not eligible to enroll another active Princeton University student as a dependent in any of the University-offered plans.