Dental Plan

We offer an optional dental plan, managed by Cigna, to all enrolled undergraduate and graduate students, including their eligible dependents.

Benefit descriptions, including copays, are outlined in the Cigna Patient Charge Schedule (.pdf).


For undergraduate students and returning graduate students, the annual enrollment period will begin on May 16 and end on June 30. For new graduate students, the annual enrollment period will begin on June 16. The enrollment period will end on June 30 for all students and their eligible dependents. You can enroll yourself and your dependents through MyUHS for coverage from August 1 to July 31.  


The fees vary from year to year and are contingent upon who is covered under the plan.

2023-24 Annual 12 Month Cost:

  • Student only: $78
  • Student with one dependent: $156
  • Student with two or more dependents: $263

Cigna Member Website

Once enrolled in the dental plan, you can visit the Cigna website to view your benefits, find a Cigna dentist and learn about member resources. When registering on their website, use your PUID number as your Cigna ID number and 08544* as your zip code. For more information, call Cigna Member Services at 1-800-244-6224. 

Cigna Provider Directory

To find a participating dentist to select as your primary dentist, you may visit the Cigna website directory and search by location. Choose the Cigna Dental Care Access Plus plan.

*If zip code 08544 does not work, try using 08540.