Enrolling in the SHP while Maintaining a Private/Family Plan

If you plan to use two insurance plans (both private/family and the SHP):

  • the SHP will be considered your “SECONDARY” or “EXCESS” plan, and
  • your private/family insurance is always your “PRIMARY” plan (except for Medicaid and Tricare).

Failure to inform all parties before services are rendered can result in a loss of benefits, higher out of pocket expenses for the patient, and considerable time and paperwork for the patient to correct. Even if you are aware you will not be covered for a particular service under your Primary plan, all vendors need to be made aware of both insurances to process claims correctly.

You want to follow these steps to maximize both of your plan's benefits to keep costs to a minimum.

Notifying insurance providers

To fully access your benefits, you should notify Aetna Student Health (1-877-437-6511), your private/family plan (see your Member Services ID contact #), as well as the SHP Office that you are utilizing two insurance plans. You can contact the SHP Office directly at: [email protected] with a scanned copy of the front and back of your Primary insurance card only.

Notify all parties at the start of your enrollment in July if you are an FSI student or in August for all other students.

Notifying service providers

You are also required to inform the service provider that you have two insurance plans prior to receiving services. Informing all parties will ensure your claims will be properly processed. You should indicate this by writing "PRIMARY PLAN" on your private/family insurance ID card and "SECONDARY PLAN” on your Aetna card (except for Medicaid and Tricare). This step will alleviate any confusion when you go to your off-campus appointment so the provider knows immediately which plan will get claims submitted to first.