Students on the Student Health Plan (aged 16 and older), are required to get referrals before seeing off-campus providers. To obtain a referral, make a medical appointment. Referrals are good for 12 months from the date they are issued. 

If you are not sure you have a referral or if you need a new one, call UHS at 609-258-3141.   


There are situations where referrals are not needed for treatment off-campus:

  • If you have an emergency illness or need to go to the hospital or emergency room
  • If your dependent is under the age of 16
  • If you want to use your $125 annual dental visit benefit within the Princeton University SHP plan
  • If you need medical care during a scheduled University break
  • When you are getting a physical or a well-woman exam
  • If you are seeing a mental health provider
  • If your student status is In Absentia or if you (or your enrolled dependents) reside and receive services outside of Mercer County, NJ.
  • If you have a medical disability and are on a 90 days extension of SHP coverage
  • If you are a graduate student who has completed all of the requirements for your program (for Ph.D. students, this means the successful completion of the Final Public Oral Examination; for master’s students, the successful completion of all program requirements, including a master’s thesis and/or project where applicable) and who are eligible for a 90-days extension of SHP coverage
  • If you are covered under the extension for an approved student leave of absence without comparable coverage

Call UHS at 609-258-3141 before receiving any elective surgical procedure during recess periods so we can ensure your health records are updated.