Trans Care at UHS

UHS is committed to continuing our efforts to increase inclusive and comprehensive medical services specific to the trans community.

What We Offer

Students or dependents can access any of the following services by making an appointment through the online MyUHS portal1 with either of these medical providers: Michelle Schramm, APN or Jonathan Pletcher, M.D.:

Comprehensive sexual and reproductive health care services

We provide preventive screenings, tests, treatment, contraception, and more.

Consultations and prescriptions for masculinizing and feminizing hormones

This primary care service is a medical necessity for many trans individuals, and can be obtained at UHS. 

Information and referrals for surgical transition-related care

We provide assistance in coordinating care, including referrals for surgical procedures. 

Recent Initiatives

Improvements to services covered by the Student Health Plan (SHP)

The Student Health Plan (SHP) made the following additions to its covered benefits:

  • Gender affirmation surgery (as of September 2014)
  • Removal of maximum amount covered (September 2015)

We are continuing to work with Aetna on improving the reimbursement process for transgender covered benefits.

Updates to practice management system/electronic health record

UHS’ electronic health record has been modified to assure your ability:

  • To indicate a gender identity different from that which you have reported to the University
  • To specify your pronouns

Staff diversity and inclusion trainings

All UHS staff participate in professional development trainings and activities to increase knowledge and care regarding issues that affect our transgender and/or gender non-conforming students and dependents.

1 If an online appointment is not available, call 609-258-3141 to make an appointment.