Costs & Billing for Services Provided at UHS

We provide comprehensive services to all eligible students regardless of their insurance provider or coverage. We also offer a wide-range of services for employees, especially with regard to work-related injuries or illnesses. Depending on the service provided at UHS, you may be charged a fee. Review the full UHS Fees List (.xlsx) for costs of individual items. 

For services obtained outside of UHS (e.g., hospital, private provider), read important information about paying for external medical care.

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Student Costs

 The following services are provided at no direct cost to you: 

  • athletic medicine services 
  • flu shots
  • individual or group counseling
  • infirmary care
  • primary care visits
  • SHARE services 
  • x-rays 

Fees may be charged for some specialized services, including: 

Payment for Services

You can pay by cash, check, or Visa/Mastercard/Discover. Services can also be billed directly to your student account.

Special Circumstances

We also offer support services for students who need assistance paying for medical services/costs:

For More Information

Aetna Student Health (Medical Plan): 1-877-437-6511

OptumRx (Prescription Plan): 1-877-615-6319

To contact Quest, call 1-800-825-7320. You may pay bills or update insurance information at

To contact the UHS Costs and Billing office, call 609-258-1967.

Employee Costs

Faculty and staff are encouraged to access services at Occupational Health Services, especially for care of work-related injuries or illnesses. Be aware that while you can access select services for personal reasons, Occupational Health Services does not accept third party billing for non-work-related services provided.

Fees may be charged for some services, including:

Payment for Services

You can pay by cash, check or credit card. Services related to work (e.g., travel immunizations) can also be billed to your department account by using the Chartstring or your Travel & Expense card.