Patient Rights & Responsibilities

Patient Rights 

As a UHS patient, you have the right:

  • to receive accurate information concerning diagnosis, treatment, risks involved, and prognosis of an illness or health-related condition
  • to participate actively in decisions regarding your health care treatment
  • to receive humane care and treatment, with respect and consideration
  • to ask for a second professional opinion regarding diagnosis or treatment
  • to change practitioners at UHS
  • to maintain privacy and confidentiality when seeking or receiving care, except for life threatening situations or conditions
  • to be assured of the confidentiality of your medical records
  • to access information regarding the scope and availability of services
  • to file a complaint regarding any concerns related to confidentiality or the quality of your health care
  • to review and amend your medical record
  • to request a copy of your medical record
  • to revoke your authorization to release your medical information except to the extent that action has not already been taken
  • to be informed about any legal reporting requirements regarding any aspect of screening, treatment, or care1
  • to be informed of and to exercise the option to refuse to participate in any research related to care without compromising access to treatment

Patient Responsibilities 

As a UHS patient, you have the responsibility:

  • to provide complete information about your illness/problem, to enable proper evaluation and treatment, including information about over-the-counter products, dietary supplements and any allergies or sensitivities
  • to ask questions so that you can understand your condition or problem
  •  to use prescription or medical devices for yourself only
  • to inform the practitioner(s) if your condition worsens or an unexpected reaction occurs from a medication
  • to show respect to health personnel and other patients
  • to reschedule/cancel an appointment to allow another person to be given that time slot
  • to provide requests for permission to release medical records in writing, to UHS
  • to pay bills or file health claims in a timely manner
  • to inform your provider about any directive that could affect your care

1University Health Services (UHS), including Counseling & Psychological Services (CPS), Medical Services, and SHARE, protects the privacy and confidentiality of patient information. In addition, Counseling & Psychological Services (CPS), SHARE, and the Infirmary Service are designated as Confidential Resources. Our licensed doctors, counselors, nurses, and practitioners, and the dedicated staff who support them, are focused on your individual health care needs.  Information you share with us (including the circumstances that led you to visit UHS) will only be disclosed with your express written permission, unless there is an imminent threat of serious harm or a specific legal obligation to reveal such information (e.g., if there is suspected abuse or neglect of a minor).”